Weather Bomb: Improving Airline Resilience During Extreme Weather Events

Climate change is causing more frequent and severe weather events, and airlines are increasingly facing challenges from these disruptive forces. The recent weather bomb and ice storms in North America have caused significant disruptions across airline networks, leading to flight cancellations, displacement of passengers, crew, and aircraft, and significant costs to airlines.

These events can place a huge strain on airline operations, throwing a significant spanner in the works. The costs for airlines are significant and spread throughout the operation, including flight cancellations, increased passenger care, compensation for crew displacement and overtime, as well as Day of Operations staff working around the clock to recover the operation. Unfortunately, once the network is recovered, that is not the end of the story.

Flight crew need to be accurately compensated for the levels of schedule disruption experienced and their efforts to aid network recovery.

Day of Operations staff want to diagnose how the operation performed down to the individual decisions that were made and how those decisions impacted or fed into the recovery.

Finance teams need to understand the impacts of what has happened, how the recovery was handled, and the impacts on operating costs.

Weather bomb: Airplane in snow

At Rainmaker, we understand the challenges of managing airline operations during irregular events like a weather bomb. Our solutions can help airlines recover quickly and cost-effectively, while providing complete accuracy for crew costs and tracking hundreds of KPIs relating to how flight crew are being deployed and utilised within the operation.

Flight Crew

Rainmaker Crew Pay Manager provides automated pay for flight crew in near real-time, ensuring that every schedule change is automatically processed to provide up-to-date and accurate pay, even during extreme weather events like a weather bomb. Crew Pay Manager also provides forecasts, insights, and details that show the costs of events to the operation, which are immediately available for operations and finance personnel to manage.

Day of Operations Staff

In addition, our Crew Analytics solution tracks what is happening with flight crew in Day of Operations, providing granular details on crew costs and insights into crew utilisation and productivity. During a weather bomb event, Crew Analytics can track disrupted pairings, analyse the costs of disruption and recovery, and provide data to support better decision-making.

Finance Teams

Every airline aims to constantly improve operational performance. Rainmaker solutions are essential enablers of this by providing complete accuracy for crew costs and tracking hundreds of KPIs relating to how flight crew are being deployed and utilised within the operation. Our solutions help motivate flight crew to take the best available actions in a crisis and help operations managers make the best decisions to ensure the airline operation is robust and can cope with extreme weather events like a weather bomb.

In Conclusion

Weather bombs and irregular operations will continue to challenge airlines in the future. However, with Rainmaker solutions, airlines can be better prepared to cope with these challenges and improve their operational performance. Let us help you build resilience into your airline operation today, so you can weather any storm.