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Crew Pay Manager

– Manages multiple contracts, configurable by crew type.
– Integrates with market leading payroll systems. Extendable to integrate with different payroll systems.
– Parses full history from Crew and Flight Mgt systems to utilize within pay rule configurations.

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Crew Analytics

Crew Analytics provides comprehensive insights into Flight Crew costs, utilization, productivity, roster disruptions, delta between planned and performed for better decision making and cost control.

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Operations Analytics

Operations Analytics is your window into network performance and punctuality. Flexible dashboards display headline performance to facilitate good decision making and enable the right actions.

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Hotel & Transport

Rainmaker Crew Hotel and Transport Booking is a complete service for the maintenance and management of all Flight Crew Hotel and Transport bookings, driven by crew scheduling activities recorded in the Crew Management System. As crew activities are changed and adjusted in ‘day of operations’ these changes are automatically processed to ensure that all changes are properly followed through.

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Fuel Analytics

The Fuel Performance Analytics solution delivers on-demand access of key metrics relating to fuel management and consumption. Fuel analytics provides details of Arrival Endurance, Gallons/Litres Burned Per Block Hour, Burn Variance, % of Alternates , Hold and Tankering, Dispatcher, Aircraft and Captain Benchmarking, Flight Plan overrides by dispatcher and captains, Departure and Arrival Taxing performance, Overflight Charges.

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