Hotel & Transport

Rainmaker Crew Hotel and Transport Booking is a complete service for the maintenance and management of all Flight Crew Hotel and Transport bookings, driven by crew scheduling activities recorded in the Crew Management System. As crew activities are changed and adjusted in ‘day of operations’ these changes are automatically processed to ensure that all changes are properly followed through.

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Hotel Booking Manager

Crew Scheduling is a very dynamic world. The Rainmaker system tracks all crew assignment changes and processes the necessary hotel booking changes automatically. This means that flight crew always have a hotel room at their destination with the correct details on the booking. Room cancellations are controlled to make sure the airline never pays for unused rooms. The Rainmaker system applies the correct contract terms and conditions agreed with the hotel to all bookings allowing for terms such as late check in and late check out.

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Transport Booking Manager

Rainmaker Transport Management System is a module of the Rainmaker suite that provides the capability to manage transportation for flight crews and third parties within an airline. In any Operations Control Centre, the difficulty of managing changes in crew transport requirements, involves maintaining pre-defined transport activities, monitoring changes, advising of revised arrival times, and following closely the control of pre contracted allocations. The purpose is to provide an efficient means of booking and managing transportation services in a timely manner and to support the difficult process of invoice reconciliation in a very difficult environment. Bookings are generated post roster publication ‘Live’ phase. Manual bookings can also be created for crew, non-crew staff and third parties on an ad hoc basis.

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