Fuel Analytics

Fuel Analytics provides a cost assessment of all key deviations from optimal flight plans, flight profiles or policies such as single engine taxi.

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Cost effective management of Fuel is a concern for every airline no matter what level fuel prices are at. Rainmaker's Fuel Management product gathers fule related data from Flight Planning and Dispatch systems and also from ACARS. The solution provides a broad range of analysis and measures relating to how the aircraft is fueled and flown based on the flight plan and flight related data. The system reports on key metrics such as:

  • Arrival Endurance
  • Gallons/Litres Burned Per Block Hour
  • Burn Variance – Flight Plan versus Actual (Departure Fuel, Enroute Fuel and Landing Fuel)
  • % of Alternates , Hold and Tankering
  • Dispatcher, Aircraft and Captain Benchmarking (Note : Captain and Crew can be anonymised)
  • Flight Plan overrides by dispatcher and captains
  • Departure and Arrival Taxing performance , Single Engine Taxi and APU analysis
  • Overflight Charges

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