Crew Variable Cost

Measure and analyze costs for planned / budgeted, published and performed schedules.

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The Challenge:

Measuring scheduling costs accurately and in a timely fashion.

The Value:

Identification of cost over-runs, improved control of variables, re-validation of crewing levels and enhanced schedule planning.

Actively monitor your cost per block

as the bid period unfolds, perform a post bid period comparison of planned versus performed.

Monitor and manage crew related variable costs:

Crew Pay, Hotel and transport costs.

Compare and contrast costs

Cat the critical phases of the crewing process: Planned, Published, Post Bidding and Performed.

Identify pairing routings

that consistently have cost overruns and poor crew productivity.

Get a detailed breakdown of costs

by pay categories and the components of these costs.

Get visibility of scenarios

driving pay protection, premium pay and deadheading.

Perform 'what-if' analysis

by analyzing multiple versions of the plan before publishing it to crew.

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