Crew Impact Analysis

Identify what pairings break and why they break. Create a better plan and build better pairings by avoiding controllable disruptions.

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The Challenge:

Why didn’t my pairings operate as planned? What broke? What was the cost of the breakage? Which pairings just keep breaking more than most?

The Value:

Identify what pairings break and the associated costs – provide feedback to the planning process to create a better plan and minimize costs.

Analyze crew scheduling changes

that are breaking the plan (Published Pairings) – provide visibility on which are controllable.

Provide statistics

on the categories of changes:

  • Crew member absences
  • Other absences
  • Management intervention
  • Unplanned Training
  • Trip Trades & Swaps

Provide visibility

on the changes causing the biggest cost impact and reduced productivity

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