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At Rainmaker we work in partnership with our airline customers to address typical problems and improve cost management through our unique and innovative solutions

Crew Pay Manager

Automated and transparent pay
for your Crew

Crew Pay Analyzer

Sophisticated reporting tool that allows you to analyse where costs are incurred. This is a module of Crew Pay Manager.

Crew Analytics

Effectively measure planed vs actual Crew productivity, utilisation and costs.

On Time Performance & Punctuality

Proactive management of delays.

Fuel Consumption & Conservation

See what is being used in near real time in dollar amounts.

Crew Hotel &

Manage Crew accommodation and transport bookings efficiently.

One version of the truth

Distinguish what you can control
from what you cannot control

Make better decisions

– Better planning, fewer pairings that break
– Better recovery
– Question routine decisions and identify better alternatives

Reduce operating costs

No matter how hard you look, you’ll never find better.


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