Success Stories

Thomas Cook

Thomas CookThomas Cook Airlines based In Manchester, England operate a fleet of 40 medium haul and long haul aircraft. Thomas Cook is an extensive user of Rainmaker’s EVR and Discretion. Thomas Cook have also implemented Rainmaker’s Crew Pay and Allowances application and most recently Rainmaker’s latest new tool: Crew Variable Costs Analyser.

Thomas Cook Group consists of 4 significant airlines – Thomas Cook Manchester, Thomas Cook Scandinavia, Condor Belgium and Condor Germany. Rainmaker has implemented the Crew Analytics solution across all 4 airlines with a consolidated instance at Group level. This solution provides each airline with full analysis of all Crew costs with flexible access to data through dashboards, standard reports and OLAP cube technology. The consolidated Group capability provides the same data access and analysis capabilities as each individual airline and displays an overview of Group costs.

Thomas Cook UK flight crew make use of the Rainmaker Electronic Voyage Report application to complete their daily flight reports. This is available to crew as a responsive web application or as an offline-capable iPad application.


JetBlueJetBlue has been a Rainmaker customer since 2010 with the implementation of Crew Pay Manager. Crew Pay Manager automatically calculates credit pay of over 6,400 Flight Crew and also provides JetBlue with detailed analysis of all Crew Pay costs.

JetBlue was also our first US customer to implement our full Crew Analytics solution which provides further detailed analysis of Crew Variable Costs (hotels, positioning, transport), Crew Productivity (analysis of flying time versus non-flying time including absences) and Crew Impact Analysis (analysis of schedule disruptions cost impacts from planned and unplanned events such as IROPS).

Rainmaker Operations Analytics is also installed at JetBlue since early 2014 providing near real-time updates on network on-time performance and delay management.

Endeavor Air

Endeavor AirEndeavor Air (once known as Pinnacle Airlines Group) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Airlines. Endeavor Air is headquartered out of Minneapolis St Paul and they are significant users of Rainmaker Crew Pay Manager and Rainmaker Crew Analytics. Rainmaker began working with Pinnacle Airlines Corp. in 2011 and our Crew Pay implementation played a role in facilitating the amalgamation of  Pinnacle Airlines, Inc., Colgan Air, Inc. and Mesaba Airlines from 3 AOC’s to 1, eventually becoming Endeavor Air.

Virgin America

Virgin AmericaVirgin America is based on the West Coast (SFO) and has been a customer for Crew Pay Manager since 2011.


Mesa Airlines

MesaMesa is based in Phoenix, Arizona and is Rainmaker’s first customer in the US, for Crew Pay. This application has been deployed in production since 2009.



MonarchMonarch is one of Rainmaker’s more recent customers, signing in Summer 2011. A significant charter airline with a long successful history in the UK market, Monarch operates a fleet of 30 medium and long-haul aircraft. Rainmaker is contracted to deliver multiple applications, quite similar to what has previously been delivered to Thomas Cook Airlines.


ExpressJetFormerly a subsidiary of Continental, ExpressJet operates for the legacy carrier as a regional feeder with it’s large fleet of 244 Embraer 145 jets (50 seaters) and a crew complement of 3,500. ExpressJet are users of Rainmaker Crew Pay.


ASAAtlantic Southeast Airlines, based in Atlanta, was an established customer with Rainmaker for Crew Pay. ASA operated a fleet of 160 aircraft, employed 3,600 staff and operated under contract for Delta Connection.

In 2012 ASA merged with ExpressJet and continued the relationship with Rainmaker.


City JetCityJet, based in Dublin, Ireland has been a customer of Rainmaker since 2004. Rainmaker has helped CityJet upgrade to the latest suite of products, which include Crew Pay Manager, Operations Analytics and Crew Analytics. CityJet is also a user of our Hotel and Transport applications.

Jazz Aviation

Jazz LogoJazz Aviation is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is Canada’s second largest airline. Jazz flies to 84 destinations in Canada and the United States. Rainmaker has implemented Crew Pay Manager in Jazz.



Wideroe Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of SAS, is based within the Artic Circle in Bodø, Northern Norway. In addition to Wideroe being a customer for Rainmaker’s Crew Pay and Hotel applications, Rainmaker built and rolled out an aircraft cleaning and catering processing and invoice reconciliation engine. This is especially relevant for an airline with such high volume aircraft turnarounds per day.


Tui NordicRainmaker was contracted by TUI Nordic, of Stockholm to enhance integration with core systems.