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Connected Airline : Connected Crew

Since embarking on the mission to assist airlines operate in a fully connected way, Rainmaker’s platforms have been widely implemented across North America and Europe. Airlines like JetBlue and Virgin America have had the clear benefit of full automation of the pay process, a reduction of manual processing, improvements in pay accuracy and high levels of crew satisfaction.

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Connected Airline : Connected Crew

Getting Control of the Uncontrollable in Crew Productivity and Costs

Within the airline industry there is an ingrained spirit that demands heroic behaviour on the part of operations staff to ‘keep the metal moving at all costs’, no matter what unscheduled events happen and no matter at what cost. While wanting to keep the show on the road and/or get it back on the road is a highly commendable sentiment it very often can run contrary to good business sense.

Getting Control of the Uncontrollable in Crew Productivity and Costs White Paper