Fuel Analytics

Fuel Analytics

The Challenge

Accurately measure and manage fuel-related cost.

The Value

Identification of fuel savings oportunities and compliance with fuel conservation programs.

Access to data that is normally not readily available

  • Additional flight planning data
  • Additional fuel data elements
  • Dispatcher entered overrides
  • ‘Cost to carry’ – Burn per 1000#, Burn per minute

Fuel Data Analysis

Analyze fuel data by parameters by:

  • Route, flight number, equipment type, tail, origin, dispatcher, crew
  • Which routes are carrying extra fuel?
  • Which aircraft or routes are burning more fuel and why?
  • Which crew/dispatchers are consuming more fuel and why?

Dashboard, KPIs & Reporting

  • Standard Dashboard and Drill-Down reports delivered as part of the solution
  • Ability to self-build new reports and publish to users
  • Automatic delivery of dashboards and reports for configured schedules and distribution lists.

Self-Drive Analysis and Data Mining

  • Ability to generate, manipulate, and evaluate detailed data analysis
  • Use off the shelf data mining tool to analyse and explore data
  • Support for predictive modelling and advanced analytics


  • Built-in Integration to the airline’s core flight scheduling and Flight Planning systems to be effected.
  • ACARS Single Engine Taxi and APU messages
  • Identifies on-going changes and tracks history
Rainmaker Fuel Analytics Brochure

Crew Analytics Brochure

If you would like to view a demonstration of Fuel Analytics then please submit your contact details on the request page.