Crew Variable Cost

The Challenge

Measuring scheduling costs accurately and in a timely fashion.

The Value

Identification of cost over-runs, improved control of variables, re-validation of crewing levels and enhanced schedule planning.

The Crew Variable Cost Analytics Module measures budgeted, planned and performed crew and flight schedules for a given season or bid period including:

  • Crew Costs
  • Hotel & Accommodation Costs
  • Crew Transport Costs (Air and Ground)

It also identifies, categorizes and tracks all crew schedule changes and their associated impact in terms of:

  • Cost, resource utilization and operational impacts
  • From the time the bid/schedule was published to the time the bid/schedule was performed
Rainmaker Crew Analytics Brochure

Crew Analytics Brochure

If you would like to view a demonstration of Crew Analytics then please submit your contact details on the request page.