Crew Pay Analyser

The Challenge

Getting access to detailed and up to date pay costs across multiple pay buckets.

The Value

Gain better insight into the overall Crew Pay process and related costs.

The Crew Pay Analyser Analytics Module enables the airline to determine how Crew Pay credit and associated cost are distributed across the Airline’s pay buckets. The following are examples of questions that the module can easily address:

  • How does published cost per block hour compare to performed?
  • What is the trend of a specific pay bucket cost day-by-day or over an entire year?
  • What combination of crew category and crew base has the highest cost per crewmember for a specific pay bucket?

Self-drive Analysis, ad-hoc and more complex analysis can be performed by accessing the Crew Pay Analyser Cube directly using off the shelf data mining tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Rainmaker Crew Pay Manager Brochure

Crew Analytics Brochure

If you would like to view a demonstration of Crew Pay Manager then please submit your contact details on the request page.