Crew Impact Analysis


Why didn’t my pairings operate as planned? What broke? What was the cost of the breakage? Which pairings just keep breaking more than most?


Identify what pairings break and the associated costs – provide feedback to the planning process to create a better plan and minimize costs.

The Crew Impact Analysis Analytics Module identifies trigger events impacting planned pairings & schedules such as:

  • Irregular Operations
  • Work Rules
  • Discretionary Actions

Categorizes impacts into groups for analysis:

  • Discretionary impacts which can be controlled via process or policy changes
  • Impacts due to work rules, contracts and crew actions
  • Identifies pairings that are most often split or cancelled
Rainmaker Crew Analytics Brochure

Crew Analytics Brochure

If you would like to view a demonstration of Crew Analytics then please submit your contact details on the request page.