Rainmaker Business Technologies is a Dublin based software engineering company which was established in July 2005. Rainmaker works exclusively with Airlines to better understand and manage operating performance and related costs.

Rainmaker’s exclusive focus is to help Airlines manage operating costs in the specific areas of Crew, Network Performance and Fuel Performance. These 3 areas together make up 35% to 45% of the operating costs of a modern commercial airline.

The major focus in Airlines has been on maximizing revenues. With wafer thin operating margins at most airlines this need to be matched with strong practices for cost management and control. Most airlines are over-crewed and do not have strong insights into underlying crew costs and productivity. Pay contracts In many jurisdictions are very complicated and paying crew accurately is a challenge. Every airline has a strong procurement and price management program for Fuel but they are missing an opportunity to save enormous costs by better management of how the fuel is managed and consumed. Operating delays and poor on-time performance costs airlines a fortune in terms of extra fuel, passenger compensation and crew timeouts.

At Rainmaker we work in partnership with our airline customers to address these problems and improve cost management through our unique and innovative solutions:

  • Crew Performance – Crew Pay and Analytics
  • Operations Performance
  • Fuel Performance